Further reading

There are not many books that focus solely on the the History of the Borders and the Reivers in particular. However, there are some classic texts which any Reiver enthusiast or researchers should read.

Unfortunately, many of the books that form the core of this sites content are not easily available beyond university libraries or rare book shops. For example “The memoirs of Robert Carey; edited by F. H. Mares”. However, if you look around you may find Second hand coppies

Another source used heavily to create this site is Joseph Bain’s Calendar of Border Papers: volume 1 and 2 which is an organising of various state documents Papers concerning the Anglo-Scottish border (1560-1603). If you are prepared to pay to view you can do so at http://www.british-history.ac.uk/catalogue.aspx?gid=84&type=3.

The books listed below are highly recommended. Please help support this site by purchasing through the provided links.