Border Fury: England and Scotland at War 1296-1568

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This books gives a useful insight in the wars that were crossing the borders that the Reiver families lived in.

For three hundred years England and Scotland fought a bitter series of wars for territorial enlargement. Border Fury provides a fascinating account of the period of Anglo-Scottish Border conflict from the Edwardian invasions of 1296 until the Union of the Crowns under James VI of Scotland, James I of England in 1603.The book looks at developments in the art of war during the period, the key transition from medieval to renaissance warfare, the development of tactics, arms, armour and military logistics during the period, and the key personalities involved.

‘A fascinating history … in which the author transports readers back to the events of the day, giving a feel of what it was like to participate in combat then.’

The Scots Magazine

‘Written for a popular audience, the narrative is always lively and entertaining.’

The Journal of Military History

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