The Candlemass Road by George MacDonald Fraser

Sep 22nd, 2010 | By | Category: Book Reviews

George MacDonald Fraser uses his knowledge of the Border Reivers to create a number of enthralling novels set against the backdrop of the turbulent borders.

To the young Lady Margaret Dacre, raised in the rich security of Queen Elizabeth’s court, the Scottish border was a land of blood and brutal violence, where raid and murder were commonplace, and her broad inheritance lay at the mercy of the outlaw riders and feuding tribes of England’s last frontier. Beyond the law’s protection, alone but for her house servants and an elderly priest, she could wait helpless in her lonely manor, or somehow find the means to fight the terror approaching from the northern night!


‘The Candlemass Road’ is a simple tale, beautifully told; and very moving withal! It’s an afternoon’s reading that’ll stick in the memory for long afterwards. Hooray for George Macdonald Fraser!’ SPECTATOR ‘It’s George MacDonald Fraser is top form on the Borders, juggling lairds and outlaws in bitter battling over disputed territory.’ MAIL ON SUNDAY, ‘Books of the Year’ ‘A bravura performance! fine, taut, sinewy! Meat never came redder.’ DAILY TELEGRAPH ‘George MacDonald Fraser is such a good storyteller! we get bowled along in the twists and scrapes of the action.’ GLASGOW HERALD

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  1. I believed Amazon’s hype and bought a Kindle. I now find that ‘Steel Bonnetts’ is the only GMF book they have available.
    I don’t want to go back to buying hard copy but I may be forced to.
    Do you know of any pressure groups?!

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